ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Navori Labs’ QL Player For BrightSign

Navori Labs’ QL Player for BrightSign is a custom software application that integrates Navori’s proprietary software and operating system on a common SD card. Designed for BrightSign’s 4K and HD digital signage media players, the software provides player synchronization, dynamic data feeds, conditional triggering and more to digital signage networks. QL Player offers the ability to synchronize content on multiple players and platforms. BrightSign users can add their media players to an existing network of SoC displays, Android players and PCs, and leverage Navori’s graphics engine to render all media, including very high-resolution content, across one or more displays, videowalls, tablets or mobile devices without quality limitations. QL Player for BrightSign is available for new BrightSign shipments or as a field upgrade for existing players from 2016 forward. Upgraded media players will retain access to the BrightSign app ecosystem.

Navori Labs
Booth #8-E212

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