Mood Media Merges Specialty AV Divisions Into Technomedia

Technomedia’s parent company, Mood Media, announced that all of its specialty-AV divisions—including Technomedia, Mood US Premiere Systems Sales, South Central A\V Systems Sales and Mood International Advanced Solutions Group—will integrate into one global division under the Technomedia brand name, expanding sales outreach globally and to verticals beyond themed entertainment.

Mood Media Corporation is an international provider of in-store solutions including digital signage, music, messaging, scent marketing and social-mobile marketing.  Mood Media intends to offer Technomedia’s branded advanced AV specialty to their current slate of retail, hospitality, automotive and corporate clientele.

Mood Media will officially announce a new company direction and the roll-out of a global AV systems integration division under the Technomedia brand name on December 1. Mood Media’s Global SVP Systems, Visuals and Affiliate Sales, Simon Bexon, will be leading the restructured Technomedia division, which reports to Mood Media’s CEO, David Hoodis, based in Nashville TN and Austin TX, respectfully. David Aion, Technomedia’s Director, Global Business Development, and Tracy Balsz, Technomedia’s Marketing Consultant, will be working in conjunction with the newly transitioned Mood sales team to extend the Technomedia brand beyond themed entertainment.

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