InfoComm 2018 New Product Spotlight

Media Vision’s TAIDEN HCS-4890 Mic and Voting Unit

Media Vision’s TAIDEN HCS-4890 Microphone and Voting Unit

Media Vision has released the TAIDEN HCS-4890 Microphone and Voting Unit with Touchscreen. A new series of tabletop mics, they feature 4.3″ touchscreens for information display and to support the electronic voting process. The display interface may show a list of speakers, individual profiles, speech timing, voting proposals and results, and more general information and services available to support the meeting. As for all TAIDEN conference systems, options include multichannel audio, automatic video tracking, room combining, dual ID and closed-loop connection topology with full redundancy. The system is Dante-enabled, and the mic’s sensitivity and EQ may be individually adjusted. All TAIDEN wired and wireless units are compatible under 1 system to accommodate the user’s precise needs. This series of conference mics by TAIDEN is also designed for event rentals with robust finishes and plug-and-play daisychain connectivity for a quick setup.

Media Vision
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