InfoComm 2018 New Product Wrap-Up

Martin Audio’s TH Series Speakers

Martin Audio’s TH Series includes 2 high-performance, all-horn, 3-way systems in both a horizontally and vertically formatted package. THH is configured in a horizontal format, whereas THV is its vertical counterpart. The Hybrid low-frequency section comprises a horn-loaded 15″/4″ voice coil driver that is reflex-loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural horn cutoff point. The mid-horn has a unique “phase-ball” loading device that maintains the constant-directivity characteristics of the horn at the upper end of its range. It is driven by a 10″ midrange driver with an aluminum demodulating ring for improved high-mid clarity and reduced distortion when driven hard. The 70°x40° HF section features a neodymium 1″ exit compression driver with a Kapton diaphragm for high sensitivity and extended HF performance.

Martin Audio

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