March 2017 Digital Edition

Sign Age

Projection Works: New features broaden applications.
By Shonan Noronha, EdD

House Of Worship: Business

Worship Disruption: Good? Bad? Unsure? Part 2 (Part 1)
By David Lee Jr., PhD

House Of Worship: Technology

Out Of Sight: Cochran Chapel’s hidden speakers deliver top-notch sound with no visual impact.
By Anthony Vargas

What Would You Do?

Sleeping Together? Know Your Partner(s)!
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E, XTP-E, KCD

The Commish

Commissioning Theme Parks & Attractions: Can you hear me now?
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQD, CQT

InfoComm POV

Evolution Of The InfoComm Show: Turning products into solutions will grow the market for AV.
By Jason McGraw, CTS, CAE


Networking & Learning In Person: As powerful as ever!
By Chuck Wilson

Consultant’s POV

Pull The Plug!: The power is in your hands, literally.
By John Mayberry

Industry POV

Pentagon Transitions Analog To Digital: Changes for teleconferencing.
By Zachary Manning

Industry POV

What’re You Worried About? Managing money? Building business? Keeping tax records? All the above? Join the club.
By Mac Hanson

Smithsonian’s Museum Of African American History And Culture

New venue features all-new AVL-heavy exhibits.
By Dan Daley

Kennedy Space Center Heroes & Legends

Attraction networks AVL, interactivity, 3D and ‘4D.’
By Dan Daley

Digital Signage Expo 2017 New Product Spotlight

AVent Horizon

Invasion Of The Backlight Snatchers: Have you heard? LEDs are taking over the world. (No Kidding!)
By Pete Putman, CTS

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