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Leon Speakers Acquires Terra Speakers

Leon Speakers has acquired Terra Speakers, a Maine-based manufacturer. The official announcement was made on Facebook Live. You can watch the full video, below.

Leon and Terra have a long history of working together that dates back over a decade with Leon President Noah Kaplan and Terra President James Banfield having collaborated extensively on product development. Terra’s All Climate FIVE line of all-weather loudspeakers was designed in partnership with Kaplan, and Leon’s Boundary Series outdoor speakers are made with drivers manufactured by Terra at its Maine plant.

“We’ve been collaborating with Terra for years now and over that time we’ve found that our companies share a lot of the same core values and the common vision of creating high-performance, design-driven audio products that are made right here in America,” Kaplan said. “We’re both passionate about art, music, design and craftsmanship, and Terra’s strong expertise in the outdoor market will be a huge asset to our company.”

“The merger just made sense for us and for Leon,” Banfield said. “We are especially excited, as it brings Terra to a larger base of customers, reps and dealers. And it will mean that our collective products can continue to grow, while continuing to keep our operations here in the country. Both companies are able to assure quality because we make our products from start to finish right in house.”

“We have both been building handcrafted custom audio products for over two decades so we speak the same language, we face the same challenges and above all we love what we do. We are ready to evolve together to meet the needs of the ever changing landscape of custom audio and design,” Kaplan said.

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