InfoComm 2018 New Product Wrap-Up

Lencore’s i.Net Sound Masking Only Headend

Lencore’s i.Net sound masking only rackmountable headend (G8350) replaces all the bulky headend equipment that is associated with sound-masking systems. With the i.Net Sound Masking Headend, there is no need for amps, separate equalizers, special switching equipment or matching vendors for compatible product interfaces. Measuring 1RU in height, the unit boasts technology that allows zone additions, modifications, deletions and other changes to the system on the fly, without rewiring. That eliminates the need for running multiple home runs back to the electrical closet or through building risers to create separate or additional zones. The creation, modification, addition and deletion of zones for sound masking can be controlled using the included Lencore System Manager or through the onboard switches. No proprietary software has to be installed on the client’s side, which helps to eliminate security and migration issues. The unit allows for up to 255 individual zones.


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