InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

K-array’s Azimut-KAMUT2L1

K-array’s Azimut-KAMUT2L1 is a discreet system composed of 2 mini 1.5″-tall Lyzard-KZ1 speakers, an ultra-compact Truffle-KTR24 sub, a petite Kommander-KA02 amp and a covert remote control. The KAMUT2L1 features plug-and-play capabilities with Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and mini jack input to onboard Spotify and Web Radio streaming capabilities connecting to the Azimut app over Wi-Fi. The 2 mini Lyzard mid-high speakers have a light aluminum frame and are virtually invisible with one 0.5″ transducer that delivers homogeneous coverage with clear audio. The rest of the system remains hidden from view. The Truffle sub has an 8″-long cylindrical speaker box with 1 4″ speaker on each side, making it easy to hide on shelves, under tables and wherever else they can remain unseen. And the Kommander amp has a 4-channel Class D module and allows an extended configuration of up to 6 additional Lyzard-KZ1 speakers.

Booth #6481
Demo Room #W230A

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