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Josh Srago Discusses AV Integrator Liability Issues

Josh Srago, an award-winning industry veteran who recently finished his final semester of law school, and who writes the “From The Eye Of The Law” column in each edition of IT/AV Report, offers a primer on liability issues that AV integrators and contractors might face. He discusses potential concerns about data privacy and audio/video capture in spaces like conference rooms, and he asks integrators to consider an uncomfortable question: “Is my client asking me to do something that’s potentially illegal?”

Srago also explores how things are even more complex for regional or national integrators, as there is no national privacy law but there are many different state laws. He closes by offering some actionable insights for integrators who are newly considering the topic of liability—where they can start, what resources they can review and protective measures they can execute. Note: Nothing in this video should be construed as constituting legal advice. If you need legal advice on any business-related issue, please consult an attorney.

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