January 2020 Digital Edition

Sound Advice
Lowering The Tone

What bass and treble controls really do.
By Peter Mapp, PhD, FASA, FAES

Turning The Page On The Naive Decade

Anticipate exciting trends, but also take stock of potential negative consequences.
By David Danto

Marketing AV
Marketing Strategies That Will Win For The New Decade

A three-pronged approach to allow your marketing to thrive in the ’20s.
By Steven Picanza

House Of Worship: Business
Don’t Leave Money On The Table

If you’re only pursuing ‘the big deal,’ you’re missing out.
By David Lee Jr., PhD

The Commish
2020 Resolutions

It’s that time of year….
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQD, CQT

What Would You Do?
Back To Basics

Video-image brightness: lumens and nits.
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E/S, XTP-E, KCD

A Look Behind And Ahead For Commercial AV

AVIXA’s market research reveals the new year will be bright.
By Sean Wargo

Industry POV
The Road Ahead For Videoconferencing

UC integration can help drive adoption.
By Robert Cooper

Industry POV
Thoughts On Transitioning

Your company can outlast its founder, as long as there’s a plan in place.
By John Storyk

Industry POV
AV Advances To Boost Patient Satisfaction

SDVoE can help optimize medical facilities.
By Don Shaver

Nothing But Net

Texas A&M Athletics networks eight sports-complex venues.
By Dan Daley

Globally Connected

Intuit’s corporate campuses around the world rely on networked videoconferencing.
By Andy McDonough

House Of Worship: Technology
Balancing The Broadcast And The In-Venue Experience

CSD Group designed the Summit Church’s Capital Hills campus with the needs of both audiences in mind.
By Anthony Vargas

Are You Serving ‘Middle-Class’ Customers?

From hospitality to houses of worship, these clients need our help.
By Jak Daragjati, CTS

AVent Horizon
Is It Possible For A Display To Be Too Bright?

The answer is yes. Let’s explore why.
By Pete Putman, CTS

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