Introducing the CV-Series of Energy Efficient, Class-Leading Amplifiers

Cloud Electronics introduces its new range of energy efficient, class-leading amplifiers with the introduction of its new CV-Series digital multi-channel 70/100v amplifiers. Three in the CV-Digital series offer a total power output capability of 1KW, shared across two, four or eight amplifier channels. This flexible approach allows a single, multi-channel amplifier, to drive loudspeaker systems differing in load size, in different areas of a building or venue, whilst optimizing overall power output capability.

Energy Star Compliant

Automatic Power Down, triggered if an input signal is not detected for thirty minutes, reduces power consumption to just 2.5 watts. Remote control of the power down state is available via external contact closure.

Ethernet / DSP

User configurable DSP functionality includes input routing, multi-band parametric room and speaker optimization EQ, output level control and limiting, and 1.5s of assignable delay. Amplifiers can be easily set up for multi-channel or parallel channel operation and bi-amping, with full control of crossover parameters.

Auxiliary Outputs

Using the same DSP power as the normal amplifier channels, two auxiliary outputs can be configured as traditional slave outputs, or used as independent signal processing and routing channels.

Analog and Digital Control

The CV-Digital series amplifiers are compatible with standard Cloud RL Series remote level control plates. DSP parameters are accessible via RS-232 and Ethernet, for interfacing to third-party control systems including Crestron, AMX, Control4, etc. A 3-way GPIO port can be configured for external master mute and fault condition signalization.

All three models of the new CV-Series digital multi-channel amplifiers are shipping now.

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