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intoPIX’s TICO-XS IP-Cores For JPEG XS

intoPIX released new extra-small JPEG XS IP-cores for FPGA and ASIC. The release of these TICO-XS IP-cores is the result of several key improvements and will benefit the growing number of JPEG XS adopters. The cores use less memory and less logic resources. They are for AV systems that need to support many HD or 4K video streams within the same chip or for implementers who are looking to move into smaller and cheaper FPGAs for HD and 4K. The cores remain fully compliant with the recently published VSF TR07 and TR08 requirements. This release offers savings in resource usage (up to up to 30% in some configurations) combined with compression efficiency. The cores also consume less power, while reducing bandwidth and preserving quality.

This new release completes the already very wide range of JPEG XS IP-cores supporting various pixels per clock.

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