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Inline Audio Debuts At NAMM Show

At the NAMM Show, Inline Audio, which describes itself as an “audio incubator,” officially launched. The company’s Founders are Al Walker, who also serves as CEO, and Costa Lakoumentas, who also serves as COO. The company pairs innovative product ideas and audio design talent with a community of motivated investors. According to its principals, it seeks to meet the aspirations of audio engineers and music creative professionals.

Inline Audio offers inventors a safe and secure outlet for their development ideas, along with the cross-functional technical, engineering, marketing and sales support they need to get started. The company invests its own resources in promising ideas, with the goal of bringing the products to market.

The first phase of incubation is to get the product to a functional prototype, and the second is to present the prototype as a commercially viable product. Armed with documentation, bills of materials, production schedules and sales forecasts, brands stand a better chance of securing the capital needed. Inline Audio presents funding opportunities in multiple rounds to appeal to a wide range of investors—from those interested in initial seed funding to those looking for fully developed brand and product propositions.

With its head office in Hong Kong, Inline Audio is positioned to leverage the benefits of the tightly integrated supply chain offered by the Guangdong Pearl River Greater Bay Area.

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