IHSE Continues To Bring Unprecedented Value For High-Resolution KVM Switching With The New Draco tera FLEX


IHSE USA is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Draco tera FLEX series of secure KVM matrix systems. From our basic 16 Port in 1RU to the larger 160 Port in 4RU, FLEX provides huge time savings for system installers who normally have to pre-configure network ports as inputs or outputs. No matter your connectivity requirements, the FLEX can accommodate your needs. Systems are available with either copper or fiber connections. For systems needing a mixture of fiber and copper, FLEX-HYBRID frames are offered.

With FLEX, simply plug in the desired extender unit and the built-in controller system will automatically register the type of device and assign it to that port as an active source or destination. This is accomplished through IHSE’s Flex-Port technology that provides instant switching capabilities for all the popular video formats up to 4K resolutions and beyond.

Now you can maximize efficiency for sharing sources between frames with the optional FLEX 10G Grid Interface Card allowing multiplexing of up to 8 channels over a single duplex fiber connection. This is extremely important where cable runs are limited and more sources or workstations are needed. For applications where both fiber and copper are specified, the FLEX-HYBRID option is the perfect solution. With 14 different FLEX-HYBRID configurations, it’s simple to build a system to fit your specific needs.

When you are working on a budget but need to plan for future expansion, the FLEX has you covered. Just pick the right expansion frame and add the I/O ports needed for now. Future I/O ports can be added later as your system needs grow. FLEX expansion frames are available in 2RU starting at 40 ports and can grow to 80 ports. Select the 4RU frame starting at 40 ports and expand to 160 ports. Any combination of available cards can be added whither its copper, fiber, standard 1G I/O cards or ultra-high-performance 3G I/O.

With blazing speed, switching between sources is glitch-free and instantaneous, thus reducing eye strain, lagging mouse movements and annoying video delay found with other systems. With the small footprint and ruggedized chassis design, the FLEX is the perfect space-saving solution where centralized switching of KVM is necessary. It is especially suited for mobile broadcasting, command and control systems, board rooms, production studios, and small class rooms.

It is a simple operation to set up and configure with the on-screen display (OSD) or through tera tool; a free downloadable utility program for configuration and system management. For those who prefer a third-party control application, the FLEX can be configured to operate with many popular control systems using the IHSE optional API protocol package. Along with the compact design and low cost, the FLEX incorporates features from the Draco tera enterprise series of switches, including SNMPv3, LDAPS, multilingual onscreen display, encrypted communication for maximum security (for API, Draco tera configuration tool and Matrix Grid) and fast boot time.

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