HDMI-over-IP Network Controller with Web GUI


The CNT-IP-264 can turn your IP-based HDMI video distribution system into a GUI-based virtual matrix switch. The CNT-IP-264 can also act as a universal controller with advanced GUI and scheduling capabilities. When connected to the same network as the FHD264 HDMI-over-IP products, it scans the network lists and identifies all Senders and Receivers by their user assigned name. Other parameters such as IP and Mac address, model number, encoding bit rate, etc. are also accessible.

A matrix page allows quick routing of the video from any sender to any Receiver using drop-down lists. When used as a control system, it can control other devices such as TVs, projectors, or motorized screens. Since the FHD264 HDMI-over-IP codecs have RS232 ports, the controller can send RS232 commands to external devices though them. For example if an FHD264 Receiver’s RS232 port is connected to a projector, you can create a button on the GUI to turn the projector on and off. You can also schedule actions such as changing video routing or powering TVs  based on time of day. Users can create a control webpage with buttons to send Telnet or RS232 commands.

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