GAIN-120: Stereo / Mono Power Amplifier – 120 Watts

The AT-GAIN-120 amplifier from Atlona is a unique, compact and efficient power amplifier designed for high and low impedance applications. Flexible output modes are easily selectable from two channels of 60 watts into 4 or 8 ohms to one channel of 120-watts into 70 or 100 watts. This Class D amplifier is energy efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified, and convection-cooled to allow installation in conference rooms and quiet environments without the need for fans. In addition to the amplified speaker output, a line level audio output allows the incoming audio to be fed into an additional amplifier or audio system. The amplifier is equipped with TCP/IP control capabilities for control of volume level, muting and EQ.

Also available from Atlona is the AT-GAIN-NET networked audio interface card.  The Gain 120 amplifier features an expansion slot designed for the GAIN-NET allowing the amp to receive digital audio.  This card is an AES67 and Dante dual-channel audio bridge for accepting two channels over a network from a Dante™ or AES67-equipped DSP, as well as the Atlona OmniStream™ Network AV platform.

Both the AT-GAIN-120 power amplifier and AT-GAIN-NET networked audio interface are immediately available.

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