Full Compass And JBL Are Focused On Spectacular Sound

We’re amped to offer the CBT Series of line array speakers from JBL Professional by Harman. They employ Constant Beamwidth Technology to focus their output and outperform larger point-and-shoot speakers. These passive column speakers are top-of-line tech, packed into a versatile form factor, and so user-friendly and cost-effective you won’t have any more barriers to excellent audio in your venue.

At Full Compass, live sound is one of our focuses. So is studio sound. So is 4K video for capture, broadcast, and editing. So is lighting for your live stage or sound stage. We’ve got a “Full” selection, and we “encompass” all aspects of AV production. That’s why our founder named us, Full Compass, over 40 years ago. These line array speakers from JBL are high-end, easy to work with, affordable, and built to last. Just like Full Compass.

For all the specs on these impressive pieces of tech from the fine engineers at JBL Pro, go to

And for everything else in your studio, venue, House of Worship, or on your stage, point yourself towards, or call our friendly Sales Pros at 800-356-5844.

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