InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

FSR’s Symphony Linx

FSR’s Symphony Linx simplifies the process of addressing power and data needs in work and learning environments. Linx provides access to power either on or under a single work surface area by allowing users to interconnect 1 Symphony table box to another—providing power for all in the series. Designed with reconfiguration in mind, Linx makes it easy to add power and connectivity to any work environment. Presented in a design with no visible hardware, the main table box powers 2 satellite units from a single AC power cord. Above-table and under-table models that fasten with a clamp are both available with choices of power and charging options, interconnecting cord lengths and AC power cord length. Symphony Linx is available with up to 8 AC outlets and 4 USB Chargers. The Linx is offered in black or white to blend into any environment.

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This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight.

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