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Extron’s TLP Pro 1230WTG Ultra-Wide Touchpanel

Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG

Touchscreens have grown in both popularity and functionality over the past few years. Offering a broad range of control capabilities in a sleek form factor, touchscreens are an ideal choice for many small and large meeting spaces. Most touchpanels are designed with familiar aspect ratios that provide ample room for control related tasks. Just recently, Extron introduced a new ultra-wide touchpanel, the TLP Pro 1230WTG. Its vibrant 12” 1920×720 resolution screen and ultra-wide format enhance user experiences by allowing multiple tasks to be seen and managed at the same time.

Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG-b

The TLP Pro 1230WTG provides plenty of screen space to simultaneously display full AV system controls, video preview and annotation controls. It also features an HDMI video-preview input that supports high-resolution HDCP compliant video from an HDMI source. Another huge advantage is that it supports annotation when used in conjunction with any Extron Annotator. Finally, the sleek, low-profile design of the TLP Pro 1230WTG minimizes visual obstructions and improves collaboration in a wide variety of applications.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ 2021 Halftime Spotlight.

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