InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

Electro-Voice’s MFX

Electro-Voice’s MFX multi-function monitors utilize high-output, coaxially aligned HF and LF transducers matched with an Electro-Voice-engineered Constant Directivity waveguide. The dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to effectively create a dipole output, resulting in precise coverage control through the midrange frequencies. 2 models are available: the MFX-12MC (12″) and MFX-15MC (15″). In addition to providing a stable sound image as the performer moves off-axis, the compact coaxial design presents a significantly lower-profile footprint on stage in comparison to competitive high-end monitors. Both models feature pole sockets recessed into the side handles for use as short-throw reinforcement in portable applications. Extending their truly multi-functional design, a full range of mounting accessories is available for temporary or permanent installation. The monitors can be used in passive or biamp configuration. Multiple DSP settings optimize the speakers for specific uses. MFX multi-function monitors are optimized for use with the TGX10 or IPX10:4 DSP amps from sibling brand Dynacord.

Booth #5645
Demo Room #W222B

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