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The Hall Research Education Solutions Guide provides 7 “Plug and Play” AV distribution designs for the K-12 and higher education market. Clear descriptions along with easy to read block diagrams and parts lists make it easy to configure your next opportunity. With this guide the dealer can present a variety of designs to start the conversation towards your next order.

The guide offers first a very Simple Interactive Classroom extension design for HDMI and USB over two cables utilizing a USB extender with the CHD-DExx an Active Plenum HDMI Cable then steps up the design to our Smart Interactive Classroom with the EX-HDU which puts the HDMI and USB over one CAT5 and offers basic control features.  The highly successful UHBX-SW3 Auto-Switching Wall-Plate and HDBaseT receiver with HDMI, VGA and MHL is used to diagram out a Lecture Classroom solution with control. An Auditorium Solution utilizes the UHBX-SW3 Auto switcher and amplifies it with the VSA-X21 HDBaseT Receiver with Audio Amp and IP Control. The more complex Dual Room Solution shows an HDbaseT matrix with extension and add-on control with the CNT-IP-2. Add-ons to change up the design are mentioned on each page. Video over IP and LAN solutions complete the offering.

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