December 2015 Digital Edition

Digital Edition


Sound Advice: On The Level, Part 2

Our resident audio guru expands on his discussion of the various sound level meter frequency weightings and integration times, and their impact on how the values of speech signals and noise are measured. This month, he touches on “peak” readings, Crest Factors and RMS values.
By Peter Mapp, FASA, FAES

Digital Signage

Sign Age: A Bounty Of MVPs

Choosing the right media player is of the utmost importance when designing a digital signage system. And, with so many high-quality players on the market, as well as the proliferation of cost-effective players that can handle 4K content, choosing the right media player has never been more daunting. We offer some suggestions on the most important factors to consider when choosing a player for your system.
By Shonan Noronha, EdD

House of Worship, Business

House of Worship: Business: A Vintage Year

When we look back on 2015, it may prove to have been a watershed year for the adoption of a wider range of AV technology throughout the worship market. More and more HOWs are gravitating towards video capture and display, online streaming and high-end lighting, in addition to more typical sound delivery systems. Our columnist offers his take on these emerging trends and the implications for integrators who cater to HOWs.
By David Lee, Jr., PhD

House of Worship, Install, Audio

House of Worship: Technology: Back To The Future

The emergence of visually subtle line array technology necessitated a trip back to the drawing board at Philadelphia’s Congregation Rodeph Shalom. A previous installation by integrator Philadelphia Sound Productions (PSP) left some of the acoustically challenging space’s problems unsolved, so PSP, with help from consultant Acentech, devised a new solution that would both address the congregation’s audio concerns and fit the building’s breathtaking aesthetic.
By Anthony Vargas


The Commish: Equipment Inventory

Some recent troubles with a universal remote and a home entertainment system made our columnist realize the importance of providing an exhaustive system inventory for every system, including make, model, serial number and other important information, in order to streamline the recovery process when things inevitably go wrong.
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQT


It’s Just Personal, Not Business!: Are You Balanced? Grounded?

We constantly hear about the importance of a good work/life balance, but how many of us actually prioritize our personal time in the same way we make business a priority? Our columnist shares some personal anecdotes that made him realize the importance of setting aside some quality “me time,” and implores our readers to do the same.
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E, XTP-E, KCD


InfoComm POV: Meet The Future

Many young AV enthusiasts aren’t aware of the myriad opportunities available to them that could turn their hobby into a career. It’s up to people in the commercial AV industry to spread the word and cultivate young talent. The Director of Editorial Services for InfoComm International offers some suggestions on how you can help recruit the next generation of AV professionals.
By Brad Grimes

Install, Audio, Video, IT/AV

NSCA POV: Arrive At Greatness By Embracing Adversity

It is often the case that character is not entirely determined by successes, but also by the hardships that have been overcome on the road to success. This is as true for businesses as it is for people. NSCA’s Executive Director runs down this year’s Business & Leadership Conference programming, which was created with an eye toward the character-building aspects of overcoming adversity in mind.
By Chuck Wilson

Install, Audio, Video, IT/AV

Technology Giant Fast-Tracks Digitally

When IT giant Ingram Micro moved its headquarters to Santa Ana CA, it turned to integrator Anderson and consultant PlanNet to devise a system that included a plethora of conference and huddle rooms of various sizes. We got the inside scoop on this exciting AV/IT-centric installation.
By Dan Daley

Install, Audio, IT/AV

New York State Of Mind

Yelp’s New York office features a creative, collaborative environment complete with a slew of conference rooms that invoke many quintessential New York City neighborhoods and landmarks. We go inside the install with designer/integrator McCann Systems.
Jim Stokes

Audio, Business

Tuning Out

The popularity of open-plan offices has made sound masking more popular than ever, but there are still several misconceptions surrounding what sound masking really is and how to design the right sound masking system for a given environment. The Vice President of K.R. Moeller Associates dispels these misconceptions and explains how to design the right sound masking system for just about any space.
By Niklas Moeller

Business, Video

From The Crow’s Nest

In an annual Sound & Communications tradition, “AVent Horizon” columnist Pete Putman offers his predictions for the future of video technology in 2016, covering everything from popular video resolutions and connectivity standards to emerging display types and the next phase of mobile devices.
By Pete Putman, CTS

Audio, Video, Business

AVent Horizon: The FCC Giveth, The FCC Taketh Away…

With the impending FCC spectrum auction looming in the near future, our columnist takes a look back at past FCC actions (including some fond memories of his senior thesis on the All Channel Receiver Act of 1962) and the history and popularity of UHF channels in an attempt to make sense of it all and predict where we’ll end up once the final bid is placed.
By Pete Putman, CTS

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