Dante Domain Manager: Supercharged Dante Network Management

Dante Domain Manager from Audinate, is a server-based solution that brings complete IT management to Dante-enabled devices. Compatible with all manufacturers, Dante Domaine Manager brings new capabilities that increase compatibility with existing networks. For many business installations, this powerful, flexible and easy-to-use software is the piece that completes the audio-over-IP puzzle.

By giving IT managers a centralized and complete view of the entire networked audio deployment showing every room, Dante Domain Manger allows users to control, access, and manage which devices may interact with others for a stable, high-performance system — all on a single screen.

With this powerful tool, the IT team can define separate, non-interfering domains of devices that correspond to conference rooms and event spaces. This way, each conferencing area can be distinctly defined and managed without concern that an error will disrupt functionality elsewhere on the network. Domains also “clean up” the appearance of the network in routing software like Dante Controller.

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