Dante Domain Manager – Making Audio Networking More Secure, Scalable and Manageable

Dante Domain Manager is enterprise-grade network management software making audio networking more secure, scalable and manageable than ever before. It introduces user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities into Dante networks.

Audinate brings the best of IT to AV with the network domain concept. By integrating the network domain concept, first pioneered by the IT industry, Dante Domain Manager introduces the AV and IT Worlds to ease and scalability for AV networks and allows AV and IT professionals to differentiate and manage multiple private networks within the same infrastructure, and all controlled by the system integrator. It also allows users to define specific AV device groupings by room, building and site, allowing for the creation of independent Dante Domains and enabling a single Dante Domain to encompass multiple IP Subnets.

Dante Domain Manager is the go-to solution for network control, security and scalability.

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