DSE 2019 New Product Spotlight

D3’s NView HDR

D3’s NView HDR is the company’s latest advance in HDR LED technology. With its ultra-fine pixel pitch, accelerated refresh rates and 48-bit color palette, it delivers vivid video. Many of its features are meant to impress techs and execs. The new module is lighter, thinner, front-serviceable and wall-mountable for easy ADA compliance. That well suits existing locations, as well as new construction. Its EnergyLock power system not only saves on energy bills, but also reduces heat load and lowers ventilation requirements. For simple installation and a seamless appearance (front and back), the NView HDR features out-of-view connections inside a precision-cast chassis, all on an easy-mount frame system. For in-the-action locations, the Armor-Touch option provides a sheer display coating for physical protection.

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This post is part of Sound & Communications’ Digital Signage Expo 2019 New Product Spotlight.

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