Improving Productivity of the Anywhere Workforce - Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Challenges

The spring 2020 COVID-19 crisis saw many people scrambling to facilitate business continuity with whatever technology platforms they could ramp up quickly, with little time or concern for actually improving their organization’s productivity in the transition. However, best practices are now emerging for remote technology-based collaboration combined with new approaches to managing anywhere workers.

Organizations need to have two goals driving them: first, keeping personal productivity up for each worker, to avoid any individual team member losing momentum; and beyond individual, personal productivity, keeping larger team and corporate productivity going. Best practices can translate back to the office, to not just hit the ground running when your teams are back to normal but to have improved productivity for your entire organization going forward. Best practices are centered on the pillars of: Mobility, Empowering Workers, Protecting Data, Scalability of Solutions, and Maintaining Company Culture.

Learn more on new approaches to managing anywhere workers, for better productivity now and in the future.

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