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Clockaudio’s TIM-1000

Clockaudio’s Tracking Intelligent Mic, the TIM-1000, is streamlining and elevating a new standard for huddle rooms, conference rooms and videoconferencing. The flexibility and adaptability of TIM-1000 enables the mics within the space to track the person who is speaking and follow that person anywhere in the room. TIM-1000 installs just like a ceiling speaker (using dog legs) and can be installed in a drop or hard ceiling.  TIM-1000 is “set to go” and does not require any programming or the need to set up different lobes. It can also self-configure to any space. At the core of TIM’s intelligence is Clockaudio’s Adaptive Proximity Technology (APT).  This enables the TIM-1000 to keep a consistent sound level for the person speaking and automatically compensates for the distance of the participant from the mic while maintaining real-time audio capture.

Clockaudio Ltd.

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Wrap-Up.

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