Now Shipping! ClearOne’s CONVERGE® PA 460 Pro Audio Amplifier

The CONVERGE PA 460 amplifier is a 4-Channel x 60 Watts, high-efficiency, Class-D power audio amplifier for reliable amplification with the professional sound quality for conferencing, sound reinforcement and distribution applications.

The CONVERGE PA 460 amplifier is optimized to work with ClearOne’s DSP mixers, and with any third-party mixers. Many highlighted features include: 4/8Ω speaker output, 70V/100V Constant Voltage output, 4 x 60W output in Normal mode, 2 x 120W output in Bridged Mode, compact form-factor, half-rack size, fan-less unit, efficient power consumption with auto-standby mode, ease of installation with software-free, plug-and-play configuration and control and protection options with LED indicators.

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