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Carousel Digital Signage’s v7.1 Software

Carousel Digital Signage v7.1

Carousel Digital Signage has made enhancements to its software to tighten integration with BrightSign media players. The updates in v7.1 will reduce ongoing maintenance costs and streamline the commissioning, deployment and management processes for systems integrators, network operators and end users. Among the new enhancements are auto-provisioning features that eliminate the need to write SD cards for each player. This 0-touch approach reduces the time associated with initial player deployments; settings are instead entered into the central Carousel server to enable automatic configuration of all media players on the network. With player settings securely housed on the Carousel server, network operators and end users can remotely adjust settings and manage firmware updates—by player, specific groups or network-wide in bulk—and centralize troubleshooting. Users can lock their BrightSign players from automatic firmware updates, as well as restart players remotely.

Carousel Digital Signage
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