Biamp Acquires Cambridge Sound Management

Biamp, a supplier of professional audio and video solutions based in Beaverton OR, has acquired Cambridge Sound Management (CSM) from Gladstone Investment Corp. Headquartered in Waltham MA, CSM is a provider of direct and in-plenum sound-masking solutions.

“The acquisition of Cambridge Sound Management unites two great brands in the professional audiovisual market,” Biamp President, CEO and Co-Chairman, Rashid Skaf, remarked. “Together, we offer customers better access to industry-leading solutions that manage sound and video to address a wide array of modern communications and collaboration challenges. It has been just one year since I led the acquisition of Biamp with Highlander Partners with the stated intent of leveraging it as a platform to build a respected provider of comprehensive audiovisual solutions. This transaction is the first evidence of that strategy being implemented but far from the last. Biamp is on the move!”

Biamp currently offers a range of audiovisual solutions that facilitate communication and collaboration in conference rooms, lecture halls and auditoria, as well as paging and notification for open areas like offices, concourses, retail centers and casinos. CSM adds a sound-masking offering for these open areas that integrates with Biamp’s solutions. Users buying from Biamp will now get both capabilities within a single integrated platform.

CSM will join Biamp as a product family within the company’s portfolio, with business functions gradually being blended to form a single Biamp business. According to Skaf, “In the short term, business will continue as it has in the past. Changes, as they come, will be well-communicated to ensure you are kept fully informed.”

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