AVIXA’s AV Experience Awards Return, With Entry Officially Open

AVIXA, AV Experience Awards

AVIXA recently announced the return of the AV Experience Awards program to recognize the innovative integration of content, space and AV technology to enrich experiences. Entry to submit award applications is officially open.

“Last year, AVIXA created the AV Experience Awards to recognize result-driven projects, answering the question, “How did AV make a desired experience possible?” Joé Lloyd, Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA, said. “In its first year, we saw projects where AV was being applied in imaginative ways around the world—from New York to Copenhagen, to London to Nanjing. We’re looking forward to again witnessing the work of the talented AV community.”

The program’s different categories showcase how thoughtful design and execution achieve projects’ distinct goals.

  • The Best Dynamic Art Experience award celebrates AV as art—whether it’s to amaze, create a cultural centerpiece, energize people for their day, reinvigorate a functional space or display information in a stimulating way.
  • The Best In-Person Experience award recognizes when AV is used strategically to motivate potential attendees to get out into the real world to experience something they can’t see, do or feel anywhere else.
  • The Best Individualized Experience award highlights applications in which technology becomes personal and allows an experience or interaction to be tailored to the individual.
  • The Best Immersive Experience award recognizes illusionary or simulated environments that envelop individuals into an encompassing, multi-sensory experience that utilizes content, space and technology.
  • The Best Flexible Space Experience award highlights AV applications that create spaces that are constantly changing and that are adaptable, facilitating the activities that happen within them.
  • The Best Collaborative Experience award celebrates applications of AV that help enhance interactivity.

Award entries may be submitted by anyone involved in the project—project originator, creative or technology agency, or customer. This includes brand agencies, experience-design firms, AV consultants, designers and integrators, AV manufacturers and others.

To be eligible for consideration, projects should have been completed or taken place between January 1, 2019, and February 15, 2021. Entry to submit an application will close March 12. For more information and to apply, visit

The shortlist will be announced May 18; a virtual ceremony will occur in July.

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