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AVIXA Survey Sheds Light On COVID-19’s Impact On The AV Industry


As rapidly as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread across the globe, AV solution providers and end users have begun to feel the effects, according to a new, weekly survey from AVIXA Market Intelligence. AVIXA’s Impact Survey is a weekly assessment of professional AV industry trends, attitudes and perceptions in light of the current pandemic. The report will be released every Friday.

Last week’s survey, which featured data collected from March 17-19, indicated that 87 percent of AV providers and 83 percent of AV end users said their companies have felt a negative impact from the pandemic. Roughly one-third of each characterized it as a “large negative impact.”

That said, the report indicates that the industry hasn’t ground to a halt. While the vast majority of respondents reported that their companies have adjusted by reducing travel, postponing/cancelling events, reducing/eliminating in-person meetings and boosting telework, virtually none reported closing down operations as of publishing.

AVIXA’s Market Intelligence team will be looking for ways to broaden the coverage of these weekly Impact Surveys going forward. Future reports will include feedback specifically from companies working in live events, and more data from global AV providers and end users. The next survey results will be released on March 27.

To read last week’s survey in its entirety, click here. If you would like to participate in the AVIXA COVID-19 Impact Survey or other AV Intelligence Panel studies, join the AVIXA Insight Community at

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