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AVI Systems Appointed GPA Regional Business Unit For The US

AVI Systems, GPA

AVI Systems has been appointed as the GPA Regional Business Unit for the United States, effective immediately. GPA is built upon the foundation of a collaborative shared economy, a strategic proposition based upon the concept of the sum of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

“Serving customers globally requires a global community. Building international operations or acquiring locations globally can’t be accomplished by any company in our industry in the time necessary to serve the world’s largest brands,” Jeff Stoebner, AVI Systems CEO, said. “The GPA’s reach in more than 50 countries with close to 4,000 employees is second to none. AVI’s employee owned platform has endless energy to serve the GPA.”

According to GPA, AVI Systems demonstrated its valued principles, including the power of innovation, knowledge sharing, and a global user experience amplified by technology and infrastructure.

“It is these same principles that that power GPA success, our ‘unfair advantage’ as we like to think of it in
the collaboration marketplace,” Byron Tarry, Managing Director of GPA, said. “AVI Systems not only
recognized, but very much embraced these concepts, and are already proving the very clear value they will
bring as contributors to the GPA community and global value proposition.”

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