Audix Solutions For Boardroom And Classroom Environments


With the new reality many businesses are facing, it has become a busy time of year for installers and contractors as they retrofit or upgrade offices and boardrooms to communicate with remote workers and business partners. Likewise, as preparations are being made for the coming school year, blended learning is a term we will be hearing a lot more about.

Blended learning is an education approach in which a student learns through a combination of online methods as well as face-to-face instruction. Done well, the student will be able to participate fully, whether in-person or at home.

Seamless audio is essential to success in this new paradigm. Audix has a full line of installed microphone solutions perfect for the boardroom or the classroom – including the M3, M40, M55, and Dante solutions. For the student or associate at home working remotely online, the USB12 offers exceptional sound quality and ease of use.

The trending option is their flush-mount ceiling mic – the M70 – which has an extremely high sensitivity and incredibly small footprint  – only 3 inches in diameter! – making it virtually disappear in the room without sacrificing sound quality.

Audix is pleased to play an active role in addressing the audio challenges businesses face as they welcome workers back and schools as they welcome students back to class, whether in-person, virtually – or both.

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