InfoComm 2018 New Product Wrap-Up

Atlona’s OmniStream USB-over-IP Product Line

Atlona expanded its OmniStream AV over IP family with its new USB-over-IP product line, which includes the OmniStream 311 (AT-OMNI-311) and OmniStream 324 (AT-OMNI-324). Both USB-over-IP products work in tandem to integrate within a wide variety of system-design scenarios for soft-codec conferencing and remote keyboard/mouse control, and they’re suitable for networked signal-extension and -distribution in huddle rooms and meeting rooms. In a typical configuration, up to 7 AT-OMNI-324 peripheral device adapters can interface with 1 AT-OMNI-311 host device adapter to extend USB signals over the network. Each AT-OMNI-324 can accommodate up to 4 peripheral devices in its hub, allowing users to move up to 28 signals from high-bandwidth devices to an AT-OMNI-311 at the PC or host device.


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