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Sound Advice: Ear Peace

With some 300 million pairs sold in 2015, headphones are big business. But with the myriad differences in listening preferences across demographic lines, what should the ideal response of a pair of headphones be? Our columnist examines the pros and cons of different approaches to headphone frequency response and weighs in on the many design implications that influence headphone manufacturing.
By Peter Mapp, PhD, FASA, FAES

Digital Signage, Video

Sign Age: Beyond The DOOH Screen

Digital signage adoption is on the rise in the house of worship market. Many churches are using digital signage to direct congregants to the church’s website and social media feeds, as well as a way to spread the word on announcements and programs. As an example of worship signage done right, we take a look at St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s approach to DS.
By Shonan Noronha, EdD

House of Worship, Business, IT/AV

House of Worship: Business: Faith-Based Schools

Faith-based schools are relying more and more on live video streaming to keep the families of students engaged in school activities. And as video streaming becomes increasingly accessible, thanks to the proliferation of free video apps and other services, schools are coming up with new, exciting ways to enrich the educational environment with streaming video. We take a look at some of these applications.
By David Lee Jr., PhD

House of Worship, Install, Audio, Video

House of Worship: Technology: Overcoming Challenges

Weirton WV’s New Life Church needed a new home, and determined that a neglected Knights of Columbus building would fit the bill. Integrator All Pro Sound and construction company GrayCon stripped the building to its steel framework and rebuilt it into a modern, AV-rich worship space. We show you how they did it.
By Andy McDonough


What Would You Do? Car Stereos!

After hearing from a reader about a dispute during a house of worship project, our columnist reflected on the need for integrators to take responsibility for every aspect of a project in order to protect themselves from accusations of malpractice. By way of illustration, he shares a story about a car stereo install that fell short of the customer’s expectations, and implores integrators to ensure that every system component works as it should before and after a project.
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E, XTP-E, KCD

Business, Audio

The Commish: The Figure-Eight Feedback

To put it quite simply, ceiling mics and mix-minus do not mix. Our columnist shares some tales from the field in an attempt to implore integrators to not even bother trying to use ceiling mics for mix-minus.
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQD, CQT


InfoComm POV: Going Small In A Big Way

Microlearning is the latest buzzword in commercial AV education circles. Rather than exhaustive certification programs, microlearning initiatives seek to instruct students using quick, online lessons, usually delivered via video, and provide focused, targeted certifications for particular tasks rather than catch-all accreditations. We take a look at how InfoComm International plans to incorporate microlearning into its curriculum.
By Amanda Beckner, CTS


NSCA POV: No Product Talk

NSCA’s 2016 Business & Leadership Conference featured three full days of multiple keynotes, and not one speech focused on AV products. This is because, while there is uncertainty about upcoming product trends owing to rapid technological innovation, the larger AV industry is becoming more concerned with offering more customer service and disrupting typical business models. The executive director of NSCA explains why business owners should pay less attention to products and focus instead on service and innovation.
By Chuck Wilson

Video, Digital Signage, Business

Industry POV: Touch Technology

The ubiquitous smartphone has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with electronics. And today’s consumers, particularly young ones, are less satisfied with passively consuming content. That’s why touch technology has become indispensable for digital signage companies looking to differentiate their solutions and services.
By Jon Brodd

Video, Digital Signage, Business

Consultant’s POV: On Videowalls, Conclusion

In the final part of this three-part series covering everything you need to know about videowalls, we help you find the right video processor for your system, break down the many ways a videowall system can fail, and talk practical concerns like budgeting for enough hardware and ensuring an adequate footprint for rack requirements.
By John Mayberry

Install, Audio, Video, IT/AV, House of Worship

St. Patrick’s Gets With The Times

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a beloved New York City landmark, recently underwent the largest restoration in its 135-year history. The project included extensive AV upgrades and a shift to fiberoptic cabling and digital AV over IT. We got the inside scoop on this massive team effort undertaken by companies including Jaffe Holden, Masque Sound, AbelCine, Tele-Dynamics Voice & Data, DVS Security, and more.
By Shonan Noronha, EdD

Install, Audio, Video, House of Worship

Seven Years In The Making

Austin TX’s Lake Hills Church recently completed an AV overhaul that lasted seven years from design to completion. The non-denominational worship center now features a digital mixer, line arrays, a massive LED videowall and impressive stage lighting. Skylark Audio Video and Taktus Creative gave us the details on this ambitious installation.
By Jim Stokes

Install, Audio, Video, IT/AV, House of Worship

Tech By The Ton

Bayside Community Church in Bradenton FL’s newest location boasts three 20-plus-foot projection screens, line arrays, theatrical lighting and tons more AV tech. We spoke to representatives from Platt Design to learn how this new AV-rich worship space came together.
By Dan Daley

IT/AV, Audio, Video, House of Worship

Multisite Ministries Unite

Worship ministries that have more than one location can often have problems fostering a sense of community between their various satellite churches. However, technology can help create this feeling of community. In this column, we detail the best ways to use video streaming to foster interaction between satellite locations.
By Daniel Maloney

Business, Digital Signage

DSE 2016 New Product Wrap-Up

The conclusion to our coverage of new product debuts from the 2016 Digital Signage Expo.
Compiled by Anthony Vargas

Business, IT/AV, Video, Audio, Digital Signage

On The Threshold Of Change

We take a look at some overall product trends and pricing trends in the commercial and consumer AV markets in an attempt to divine the near future of the AV industry.
By Pete Putman, CTS


AVent Horizon: Off The Beaten Path

Our columnist waxes nostalgic about the early days of his AV obsession and the quality time spent building a Heathkit crystal radio receiver with his dad.
By Pete Putman, CTS

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