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Almo Professional AV Named Exclusive US Distributor For iMAGsystems

Almo Professional AV has been named the exclusive US distributor for iMAGsystems, a Melbourne, Australia-based manufacturer of AV-over-IP delivery products. iMAGsystems is showcasing its complete product line of AIR wireless, LIGHTNING (SDVoE), RAIN H.264 and THUNDER (JPEG2000) products during the exhibit portion of the next E4 AV Tour, coming to Nashville TN on October 26.

“Thanks to our partnership with iMAGsystems, we are able to bring an SDVoE Alliance manufacturer to our partners with an expertly-created line of products that cover all of the existing AV-over-IP protocols,” Sam Taylor, Executive Vice President and COO for Almo Professional AV, explained. “iMAGsystems has extensive knowledge from years of development work, resulting in a deep understanding of the technologies involved in delivering high-resolution AV over standard IP networks. This standard is a topic that we will delve into during the keynote session at the E4 AV Tour in Nashville later this month.”

“Our exclusive distribution relationship will help keep the channel clean, while holding the most profitable margins for our partners,” Taylor added. “Brian Rhatigan, Director of Business Development for Almo Professional AV, will serve as the iMAGsystems lead BDM contact for technical, design and installation support.”

To learn more about the Almo Pro AV and iMAGsystems distribution relationship, you can listen to an interview from E4 AV Boston last month, during which they discuss the agreement.

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