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A.C. ProMedia And DSPECIALISTS’ HARVEY RC4 Remote Control

The freely programmable HARVEY RC4 remote control is Ethernet-based and designed for wall-mounting. As with the HARVEY concept in general, integrating the RC4 into a project is easy. Installation and programming are done in a few steps via HARVEY Composer-Software. Features include 4 push-buttons, LEDs and a rotary button. All RC4 LEDs and buttons can be individually adjusted in color and brightness. The RC4 is suitable for controlling presets, audio levels or DMX lamps. Wherever there is a choice between several audio sources—or where changing acoustic scenarios have to be created—the Remote RC4 receives the commands, and HARVEY executes them in the background. The different scenarios are first created as presets via the HARVEY Composer, and then called by the Remote RC4 during operation. Users can switch between different scenarios at the push of a button. HARVEY automatically adjusts the audio routing, playback levels and lighting control to the scene.

A.C. ProMedia

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Wrap-Up.

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