Xavtel: Senator Digital Congress & Interpretation DSP System

XavtelThe Senator system from Xavtel is a revolutionary DSP driven digital network that is able to provide individual processing of up to 504 microphones in a loop wire architecture using one DSP processor. The parameters such as EQ, Filter, AGC, Voice Activated Gate, Feedback Suppressor, etc. for each microphone are stored in the DSP conferencing processor. Utilizing Xavtels blazingly fast, fully redundant digital network, the parameter settings of each microphone are only recalled when the microphone is in use. Using a digital netlink between the conference processor and the optional 6 channel digital amplifiers from Xavtel (up to 64 units can be cascaded via CAT-5 or CAT-6), a mix-minus application can be auto calibrated using the programming software maximizing sound quality and virtually eliminating feedback.

Sound & Communications
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