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Xantech’s EX Series HDMI Cables

Xantech’s EX Series high-speed HDMI cables

Xantech’s EX Series high-speed HDMI cables with X-GRIP Technology are available in .7m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m and 4m lengths. They are equipped with X-GRIP Technology to resist up to 101lbs. of pull force to keep cables securely in place. They support current HDMI features, including HDR, 18Gbps transfer rates, resolutions up to UHD and DCI 4K at 60 fps in 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling, Audio Return Channel, Dolby Surround and more. Additionally, the new lineup features a solid aluminum internal EMI shielding jacket that encases the entire connector head, overlapping the cable’s shielding well. Gold-plated contacts housed in a porcelain-shielded connector aid in rejecting stray capacitance from other interconnected components. All cables come in individual poly bags, bulk packs and truck packs that consist of 1 bulk pack of each of the 6 cable lengths.


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