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WyreStorm’s Enhanced NetworkHD 600 Series

WyreStorm’s enhanced NetworkHD 600 Series pushes quality limits to new heights with the addition of up to 8×8 videowalls, including enhanced bezel compensation and aspect-ratio matching. Multiview layouts have been added with up to 16 source inputs with arbitrary window placement, layering and image offset. By utilizing a second stream from each encoder, non-multiview displays can be used simultaneously without the need for additional encoders. With applications ranging from government to corporate and RTOC sectors where lossless 4K is essential, the 600 Series offers a non-compromising approach to mixed AV distributions where functionality is maximized. WyreStorm’s configuration software values speed and ease-of-use by including the necessary stream bandwidth checking and optimizations so layout errors are mitigated, keeping the learning curve to a bare minimum.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Wrap-Up.

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