Visually Striking Workplace: BrandStar Invests In Winning Concepts

BrandStar is a breakthrough new media production company and highly evolved marketing agency that needs to look the part. On any given day, it’s courting a major global consumer brand, a Fortune 100 company or the inventor of the “next big thing,” so visual impact that’s both sophisticated and tech savvy has to play a starring role. Employing the latest visualization technologies throughout its new headquarters, literally showcasing what it can do for its customers, BrandStar wins the hearts, minds and wallets of top companies eager to make a splash in the market with their product launches, branding campaigns and more.

A visually sophisticated workspace serves as a strategic tool to convey creativity and innovation to the industry. With all of the media channels available today (social media, animated point-of-purchase displays, mobile marketing campaigns, webcasts and blogs, and even videoconferencing), a progressive company needs a way to visualize all of this content in an amazing and dynamic way.

In today’s competitive landscape, how do you dress your space for success? Corporate enterprises can take a page from the retail marketers’ handbook, utilizing multiscreen, interactive displays to capture attention and engage visitors. At Barco, we believe that information should be visible everywhere. In fact, every surface can be visually activated with technology, both informing and entertaining a visitor the moment they enter the building, from lobby touchscreens, to a panoramic conference room display, to animated wayfinding signs throughout corridors, to commercial-quality entertainment in popup theaters. Networking these displays using today’s most powerful visual content management platforms to broadcast real-time content brings enterprise-wide communications to a whole new level for both visitors and employees.

Equally important is who is inside the organization. The most valuable resource that BrandStar has to offer is its intellectual capital. Employees, contributing a kaleidoscope of talent and creativity, are the lifeblood of BrandStar’s multimedia content solutions, delivering award-winning campaigns and the company’s hallmark, personalized service.

By creating a visually stimulating environment that everyone can be proud of, BrandStar is investing in their people to inspire their best work, boost morale and encourage team play. A well-designed office space also promotes employee productivity and efficiency, which can ultimately contribute to fueling company growth and workplace satisfaction. The result: happier, more productive employees who are more motivated to bring their “A” game, day after day.

Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of a creative team. Companies that invest in technologies designed to facilitate and encourage idea- and knowledge-sharing are in front of the curve when it comes to developing winning concepts, executed in the most thoughtful ways. There are many wireless collaboration systems on the market today, but companies would be wise to invest in solutions that are easy to use, flexible and scalable, and accommodate a variety of devices (BYOD) to allow users to share via their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The cumulative impact of all these innovative AV solutions working together tells a brilliant story of BrandStar, from the front door to the back parking lot. And with all of the options available for enlivening office spaces with technology to engage visitors and inspire employees, one need only look to this innovative leader as a shining example of what you can achieve!

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