TIM-1000 Tracking Intelligent Ceiling Microphone

As the demand for ceiling microphones grew, Clockaudio saw a great opportunity in coming up with a different approach to ceiling microphones. Simplicity was the top priority and the founding concept behind the design of TIM. Within 40 seconds after powering up, TIM-1000 is ready to go. The noise suppression goes straight to work finding any steady state noises and attenuates them, remains active and continues to attenuate NEW steady state noise as it appears, making the room quieter. But the most innovative features are tracking and APT, adaptive proximity tracking. The APT standardized the speech level of every participant, no matter where they are in the room. That’s right, the tracking feature zones in on any participant talking, it can capture up to 4 participants at the same time. One integrator-friendly feature is how simply it installs. TIM not only resembles a flush mounted ceiling speaker; it also installs as easily with 4 “dog ears”. The TIM 1000 is another great product from Clockaudio that is clearly different from the competition.

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