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The Test Kit

I like to do some outdoorsy things and belong to a few backpacking online groups. One topic that never seems to end is the “rate my kit” postings where users will list their backpacking kit and gear, and have other users comment on it to make it better. In actuality, they usually make fun of the original poster, without mercy. But I truly believe that the intent behind the “silly noob” or “Moderator, can you block this guy” barbs is to assist the poor soul who asked the interwebs for help. So, this is the AV version:

What do you guys think of my kit?

  1. Everything fits into one water-proof, carry-on sized bag
  2. General
    1. IR thermometer
    2. RMS Digital Multimeter
    3. 25′ Tape Measure
    4. Light Meter
    5. Power Outlet Tester
    6. Flashlight
    7. Batteries, batteries, and, yes, more batteries
    8. Category cable qualifier
  3. Audio
    1. Audio Generator w/ test tones, noise, STIPA, and .wav file playback
    2. Audio Analyzer for signal to noise, THD, STIPA, RTA
    3. Test Microphone, Class 2
    4. Amplified loudspeaker
    5. Butt Load of adapters
  4. Video
    1. Media – DVD, Blu-ray, VHS Tape (you read that right…we do a lot of university work)
    2. Digital Test Generator w/ multiple adapters (including VGA)
    3. Colorimeter
    4. Butt Load of adapters
  5. My laptop (does not get stored in the case, it stays in my “back pocket”)
  6. My brain (does not get stored in the case, it stays in my “protected top pocket”)

This is what I carry with me when I go to a service call or commissioning. It can solve most issues. I’d guess 90% of issues we see can be figured out with something from this list.

That said, what do you AV people think?  What issues have you run into that CAN’T be solved by something on this list?

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