SynAudCon Offers One-time Programs

The American Airlines Training & Conference Center in Dallas TX will be the site of 2 upcoming 1-time training opportunities in January, conducted by SynAudCon (Greenville IN).

  • Making Wireless Work will be held January 3-4: The dilemma is more wireless but there is less bandwidth. So the theme of the workshop is “Losing the Wires Without Losing Your Mind.” James Stoffo manages hundreds of channels of wireless at events, such as the Olympics, Rose Bowl, Emmys and many more. He, along with Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics and Tim Vear of Shure, will share what they know and the best ways to work with it.
  • OptEQ will be held January 5-6: We currently have the best signal processing and measurement tools of any generation in history, yet sound systems often perform far below their potential. In this two-day event, the staff will show the attendees “An Optimized Sound System Tuning Process.” OptEQ is a comprehensive approach to sound system tuning that combines contemporary and legacy design and equalization practices into a logical, accurate, repeatable process. It’s time to clear the confusion. Staff will be Pat Brown, John Murray and Deward Timothy.
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