Subs Are Key To Church Audio Installation

Hannah Boyd Photography 

A challenging installation took place recently at the 800-seat Dan River Church in Danville VA, where a subwoofer solution resulted in the proper coverage that the church required. The contemporary worship facility has a healthy complement of talent on stage during services that certainly do justice to a pro level rig.

The challenge to Draughon Brothers, Inc. (Fayetteville NC), a full-service provider of audio, video, lighting and staging equipment for sales, installations, productions and rental, was where to put the subs. “Our original thinking was to put subs on the floor, but that concept was subsequently changed,” stated Kelvin Draughon, Co-owner. “We modeled the subs in a left and right cardioid hang to satisfy the aesthetics committee. However, the available building structure put the subs up stage in a location that maximized uneven VLF response. The predicted performance caused us to rethink the sub arrays altogether. In consultation with the manufacturer, we deployed an array of eight subs flown in the center of the room, three to four feet off the downstage edge. This center line location, in conjunction with applied DSP, worked well for the room dimensions: 120’Wx72’D from the downstage edge.”


The subs are horizontally steered via DSP-based delay settings, and work in tandem with two main clusters and two out-fill hangs. Smaller speakers provide front fill. All systems are powered by three amplifiers.

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