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Primark Gran Via Madrid

Virtual balloons float from floor to floor up the atrium while avatars of models parade styles through the archways of the atrium, disappearing into one chamber and reappearing in another.

The Primark vertical shopping mall on Madrid’s swanky Gran Via presents a fantastical digital signage installation that is as theatrical as it is technically stunning. The gigantic store, now the biggest in mainland Europe, stretches across nearly 130,000 square feet and five floors. Primark’s wares may be aimed at budget-conscious shoppers who embrace the “fast-fashion” trend popularized by the bargain fashion company, but the store holds its own among the Armani and Louis Vuitton ambience that pervades the neighborhood…and many of Primark’s Spanish shoppers likely come as much for the show as they do for its goods.

Mood Media and Technomedia Solutions, partnered there with Dalziel & Pow, a London-based brand and retail design agency, to envision and build an engaging atmospheric experience for the European flagship store. The installations (specifically, cutting-edge transparent LED displays and a panoramic sound system) line a four-floor, octagonal central atrium, offering customers an immersive AV environment delivered through 11 10mm interconnected and transparent LED displays, a Green Hippo media server playback system, an eight-channel surround sound speaker system and a Crestron control system. Dalziel & Pow’s description of it on its website says it all: “This is retail theater at its best.”

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