SLS Audio: CPA7600 Compact Line Array Module

SLSSLS recently unveiled their new CPA7600 compact line array module. Utilizing SLS’ proprietary high-output HF ribbon transducer technology, the cost-effective CPA7600 provides corporate rental houses and system integrators with a new high-fidelity, broad-bandwidth, compact array option. The CPA7600 utilizes SLS’ Co-Planar symmetrical driver arrangement, enhancing horizontal coverage consistency. The CPA76600 is a bi-amped three-way system, utilizing a dual-6.5” low-frequency section, with the mid-frequency/high-frequency section being addressed with a single 6.5” transducer and SLS’ PRD500 HF ribbon. As demonstrated in their demo room at InfoComm, the system provides exceptional sonic accuracy, frequency extension, dynamic range, and transparency. Each section of the bi-amped system presents a nominal 16Ω load to the amplifier, lowering the total cost of the system. In addition, the rigging frame is designed to attach to SLS’ SP1000/SP2000 -series dual-18” subwoofers, providing a stable base for ground-stacked applications.

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