DSE 2016 New Product Spotlight

Samsung’s UH55F-E

Samsung UH55F-E

Samsung’s UH55F-E professional-grade, 1.4mm bezel-to-bezel videowalls combine advanced color management capabilities with the visual enhancements of large-format signage. Each UHF-E videowall display undergoes factory calibration and tuning to prevent brightness and color accuracy irregularities. The UHF-E displays accommodate UHD content up to a 5×5 configuration. The UHF-E display features an extremely thin bezel-to-bezel design (0.9mm on the upper and left sides, 0.5mm on the lower and right sides). Equipped with the same durability and color presentation components as its predecessors, the UHF-E video wall represents a sleek, stylish alternative for delivering uninterrupted content in most indoor environments.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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