Readying For Disruption

If disruption to the AV industry hasn’t happened already, it could at any time. Who’s ready?

It seems as though you can’t read a business publication or peruse a blog that doesn’t mention “disruption.” For years, we’ve been hearing that the biggest hotel chain has no rooms (Airbnb), and the largest taxi service has no cars (Uber).

But let’s not relegate that term to the dustbin of buzzwords and clichés. Perhaps the term surrounds us because the pace of change and innovation has accelerated. Change is a given, of course, but what happens if it fundamentally alters how AV is delivered to customers (or even how we define “AV” in the first place)? This great swirl of transformation—and its accompanying information overload—can create a challenge when it comes to differentiating your company from the competition in a way that’s relevant, especially in an environment that’s rapidly changing.

Premier Mounts

If you’re part of the audiovisual industry, you’ve likely grappled with this at your own company—and so, too, have your clients. In an effort to provide you with actionable strategies and tactics, we will be exploring those issues, as well as others, at our Fifth Annual AV Executive Conference (AVEC). It’s being held November 8 to 10, returning to the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Florida.

A team of experts will guide us as we closely examine the pillars of differentiation, acceleration and disruption. Reenergize your company by learning from John Foley, a former lead solo pilot with the Blue Angels, how to build a high-performing team. Other experts will share ideas to differentiate your brand to stay relevant and grow revenue. You’ll even find yourself ready to be disruptive—stepping outside your comfort zone and kickstarting innovation and growth.

First, though, we’ll take a look at the big picture—the global economy, as well as the trends that affect all of us. In addition, InfoComm’s Executive Director and CEO, David Labuskes, CTS, CAE, RCDD, will share findings from our global AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) market research report, and he’ll discuss the general state of the industry. Overall, the AV industry is growing markedly faster as compared to the overall economy; some of that is due to the effects of AV/IT convergence and the emergence of a savvy “new” AV customer—the type of customer to whom outcomes matter more than cutting-edge systems. AV has become very important to enterprise strategies, so AVEC attendees will hear directly from a panel of high-end enterprise decision makers to understand the trends and challenges that key AV vertical markets are facing.

We’ll wrap up the whole event with Daymond John, of the hit TV show Shark Tank, who will share his thoughts on branding and business strategy, as well as his own inspirational story—how he went from selling homemade hats on a street corner in New York City to being the CEO of the $6 billion FUBU fashion empire.

Beyond the interactive sessions, AVEC will include ample networking opportunities with a “who’s who” of the audiovisual industry, including social events that will bring everyone together. There’ll be enjoyable meals; live entertainment, featuring members of Better Than Ezra performing your favorite ’80s and ’90s covers; a scavenger hunt; the AVEC After-Hours Lounge; and optional golf. That means there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy.

AVEC is among our association’s most favorably reviewed events, and that’s why many systems integration, design firm and live event executives return year after year. The opportunity to get away from day-to-day work, think about strategic issues, exchange ideas with other top executives in the industry and learn from business legends is something you won’t want to miss.

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